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 Moreshine Gemstone is a mining company that sells high quality of Gems, Jewelry and Industrial Minerals  



Moreshine Gemstone is a gem company that sells high quality of natural and untreated rough diamonds.

We take the issue of conflict diamonds very seriously, ensuring that the diamonds we supply are conflict-free sources. We have binding contracts with our miners which guarantee that the rough diamonds they supply to us comply with all laws and are conflict free.


Our rough diamonds are mined directly from Tanzanian mines. All diamonds are graded, and adhere to the international diamond grading standard. We source rough diamonds directly from mining areas in Tanzania like Nyang’wale, Maganzu, Mabuki, Tabora and Singida.

Only the finest diamonds are hand selected. Every step is managed in house to ensure that each piece of rough diamond is completed with the pursuit of excellence

Colored Stones

Moreshine Gemstone sells high quality of rough and cut colored stones. We only sell and export 100% natural colored stones. We export fine quality of colored stones including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Spinel, Tsavorite garnet and many more. You don’t need to travel to Africa to look for colored stones, we can export to your home country.



Jewelry manufacturing

Moreshine started its jewelry manufacturing business in 2010 with passion to create beautifully unique jewelry for our customers around the world.  Moreshine specializes in jewelry set with natural gemstones. Customers are welcome to discuss potential projects or suitable products for their targeted market.

We are extremely precise with our gemstones and material selections. Recruiting the finest team of designers, well trained goldsmiths, gem setters and experienced quality controller to ensure the meticulous craftsman of all products.

Moreshine jewelry is designed and crafted by our own team of in-house designers and jewelers, assuring that no detail is overlooked. We specialize in jewelry with or without diamonds.

Industrial Minerals

Moreshine Gemstone is a leading Tanzanian diversified mining company. Moreshine gemstone, through its various partners, is supplier of Coal, Volcanic glass, Dolomite, Mica, Soapstone, Potassium feldspar, iron ore, manganese ore, galena, copper ore and nickel. 

Tanzania has a long history when it comes to mining, an industry that forms the backbone of the country’s economy. As Moreshine gemstone, we aim to help build a stronger and sustainable Tanzania. 

We provide the minerals to meet the growing consumer driven demands of the world’s developed and maturing economies. 

Take note some of industrial minerals we don’t export because there is NO government export permit for ores. Government wants all ore minerals to be processed before export. 

If you want to build Processing Plant for ores please contact us. We are able to sell them locally. For international orders we can export Coal, Volcanic glass, Dolomite, Mica, Soapstone, Potassium feldspar.



Where we get our Gems

We source our gemstones from Tanzanian's areas like Mwajanga, Mabuki,  Maganzu, Nyangwale, Winza, Tunduru, Umba, Mahenge, Merelani, Ruangwa,  Kalalani, Namalulu, Sumbawanga and many more.  

Our gemstones supply is constant

Moreshine Gemstone Company purchases  the rough stones directly from the mines in Tanzania and neighboring  like Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and  Malawi. 

Cutting and Polishing Services

Our Markets

 We sell both rough and cut to local and international market. We have  already exported gemstones in various countries,Those countries are

  1. Australia 
  2. Canada 
  3. China 
  4. India 
  5. Indonesia 
  6. Ireland 
  7. Kyrgyzstan 
  8. Sweden 
  9. Switzerland 
  10. Thailand
  11. Mauritius
  12. Zimbabwe


Our Business Premises

Our Premises

Moreshine Gemstone  Company is situated in the heart of Dar es-salaam City, NHC House  Samora Avenue.  The business hub of the city within walking distance of 5 minutes to  Ferry port to Zanzibar, 15 minutes’ walk distance to nearby beach and  just 14 km away from the Dar es Salaam International Airport (Julius  Nyerere International Airport). Also  walking distance from various  Government Offices, major Banks, Restaurants and Shops.

Consultancy & Seminars