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About Moreshine Gemstone

Moreshine Gemstone Ltd is a gem company that sells high quality of rough and cut gemstones. We only sell and export 100% natural gemstones. We export of fine quality gemstones including Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Spinels, Tanzanites, and Tsavorite garnets, color change garnets, alexandrites, chrysoberyl and many more. You don’t need to travel to Africa to look for gemstones, we can export up to your home country


In our gemstones there is no any treatment that has been taken

No Bleaching, No Cavity Filling, Colorless Impregnation, No Dyeing, No Fracture Filling, No Heat Treatment, No Irradiation, No Lattice Diffusion, No Sugar and Smoke Treatments and No Surface Modification



We source our gemstones from Tanzanian's areas like Mwajanga, Mabuki, Maganzu, Nyangwale, Winza, Tunduru, Umba, Mahenge, Merelani, Ruangwa, Kalalani, Namalulu, Sumbawanga and many more.

Our gemstone supply is constant. Moreshine Gemstone Company purchases the rough stones directly from the mines in Tanzania and neighboring like Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Malawi. 

Cutting and Polishing Services

We cut them in our own cutting office in Dar es salaam.  At our main office in Dar es salaam, we have our own dedicated team responsible for every aspect of the sorting, cutting process, testing and export. 

Each stone is hand selected, painstakingly cut, and calculated for maximum brilliance. Moreshine gemstone has worked with a wide variety of gem materials and has designed cuts for over 5 individual Spectrum Award winning jewelry pieces.

Our Markets

We sell both rough and cut to local and international market. We have already exported gemstones in various countries,Those countries are











Our Business Premises

Moreshine Gemstone  Company is situated in the heart of Dar es-salaam City, NHC House  10th Floor Samora Avenue. The business hub of the city within walking distance of 5 minutes to Ferry port to Zanzibar, 15 minutes’ walk distance to nearby beach and just 14 km away from the Dar es Salaam International Airport (Julius Nyerere International Airport). Also  walking distance from various Government Offices, major Banks, Restaurants and Shops. 

We are surrounded by major Hotels and are walking distance Heritage Motel ,

Tanzanite Executive Suites, Golden Tulip Dar es salaam city center, Hyatt Regency dar es salaam, the kilimanjaro, New Africa hotel, Rainbow hotel and Dar Es Salaam Serena Hotel 


The Consultancy Arm provides first-hand information to help individual or corporate in the area of gemstones and also provide help to small and medium enterprises. 


We conduct Seminars on how to deal with gem business and what is gemology.

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